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Origin Driving School

Call Now 9702 5060 OR 0412 674 446

Affordable Driving Lessons In Melbourne

Over 70,000 (Fifty Thousand) Drivers Trained.

Over 98% Passing Ratio

Student Testimonials

Nicole Cooper

Dingley, Melbourne, Victoria, 3172

Hi I am Nicole from Dingley. I found them on internet and got the license today. I am very happy, I got my driving licence first go. The instructor that was introduced to me was best. The Instructor taught me everything I need to know. 


Pakenham, Melbourne, Victoria, 3810

Hi I am Isabelle and I am having my lesson with Origin driving school. The instructor that was introduced to me has been really fun so far and I have a great time really relaxing and definitely preparing for my driving test. I found origin driving school few of my friends recommended after passing their driving test with these guys. They just said its really good and very relaxing environment and the driving instructors are really nice people and not the scary one that u hear about. The Instructor speak very clear English definitely help you and my driving has improved miles in one year of driving by myself in a day of driving with origin driving school. The driving instructors always on time even before and my instructor always 5 minutes earlier every times.


Melbourne, Oakleigh South, Victoria, 3167

Hi my name is Davi and I am from India. I have been driving from last 15 years but unfortunately I could not get my license for the first 2 attempts, unfortunately I failed for some reasons. In the third time I approached origin driving school the instructor that was introduced to me is experienced. She was pretty good in explaining the rules and she even helped me during the test, So all I have is today is full driving license and I passed my drive test with origin first go. So thank you Origin driving school very much. I will definitely recommend and anybody who is trying to get their full licence in Melbourne, I would definitely recommend origin driving school, is the best what I have seen so far. I have taken lesson from different driving school as well and it makes a lot difference, thank you very much Origin Driving School.

Priscilla Megna

Burwood East, Melbourne, Victoria, 3151

Hi I am Priscilla. I was driving with origin driving school and the instructor that was introduced to me, she was great. She was friendly and she made me feel comfortable. I felt safe. I had some constructive feedback which helped me a lot to find what I need to work on and also I got praise on what I was good at which helped me a lot. I was driving in the Doncaster and Burwood area. I had my driving test today and I passed. Yeah, I love to recommend origin driving school for everyone. Thanks origin driving school. 

Kylie Tracey

Chirnside Park, Melbourne, Victoria, 3138

My driving experience with origin driving school and the instructor that was introduced to me has helped me to get my P. She has excellent patient with my nerves. She has helped me throughout my driving experience and helped me get my license first go. I definitely recommend origin driving school to the new learners for their driving lessons. I live in Chirnside Park. I did my driving practice at Mooroolbark driving testing area and I did my drive test at Mooroolbark, Melbourne, Victoria, 3138. 

Aaron Barlow

Frankston, Victoria, 3199

Hi my name is Aaron Barlow. I rang origin driving school. I got my licence I just passed today, the instructor that was introduced to me is a very good teacher and I will suggest anyone to recommend. The Instructor was very gentle and very easy to learn of and that helps a lot and yeah very good. I am very happy, I got my licence first go, Thanks Origin Driving School. 

Shanique Charles

Dandenong, Melbourne, Victoria, 3175

Hi my name is Shanique , I found origin driving school from Internet and the instructor that was introduced to me and she was fantastic. I would recommend her. She is like a mother figure and Very supportive. Origin Driving Customer centre really good. When they told me that they will call me back, they called me back within 2 minutes. The customer support person speaks very clear, understanding everything and giving me the right information. Today, I have Passed my drive test in first go.

Rhiannon Petrie

Seaford, Melbourne, Victoria, 3198

HI I am from Seaford. I just passed my P's. I first found origin driving school through the internet. My mom helped me find the driving school, called them up and booked my first driving lesson. The instructor that was introduced to me, she is very friendly, very kind, and very helpful. Made me feel confident and gave me all the right information that I needed to pass my drive test and here I am.


Springvale, Victoria, 3171

My name is Jasmine and I am from Springvale. I joined origin driving school and the instructor that was introduced to me who has been very supportive with my driving lesson. My name is Jasmine and I am from Springvale. I joined origin driving school and the instructor that was introduced to me who has been very supportive with my driving lesson. Origin Diving School instructor was very helpful and co-operative. I have overseas driving licence, they have helped me converted overseas license to Australian full licence. Origin Driving School instructor taught me all the Victorian road rules laws and explain the rules in plain English which was difficult for me. I took from origin driving school 7 lessons and sit for my practical drive test, and got my licence in first go. Thanks again, Origin Driving School for introduced the great instructor to me.


Wantirna, Victoria, 3152

HI if you are thinking of getting skills for lives for your driving, origin driving school and their driving instructors is the best combination that you can ever get. I had my lessons very flexible way and prices were right. I got the skills I needed and I got my license in my first attempt. I will really suggest you to go with origin driving school that is the best way to go.











Origin Driving School


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Hours of Operation –

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